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[FP] Next Time Say Goodbye: Chapter 1
Down the halls of the STPD, Lilac and Spade made their way back to their office in total silence. Not a word passed between them, or to anybody who cast them a glance as they went by. Neither spoke. Neither looked at each other. Both simply scowled at nothing in particular, keeping their breath to themselves.
Somewhere on the walk down, Lilac's scowl eased a little. She glanced back at Spade, who stubbornly refused to return the look. With a sigh, she turned back around.
"So," she said, a bit pointed in her tone, "you're a police officer now."
"Seems like," Spade responded disintestedly.
Lilac quietly scanned the floor. She spoke again, struggling to keep that sharpness from her voice.
"What happened to the Red Scarves?"
Behind her, she heard Spade make a small grumble. "It's a long story," he muttered.
Lilac sighed again. "I see."
Silence, again. Lilac walked, and Spade followed. After a moment, he lifted his head. He looked at Lilac, who didn't look back. He looked her up and down. S
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[FP] Next Time Say Goodbye: Prologue
The Shang Tu Police Department — or, STPD, for short. In the vast, beautiful blue city of Shang Tu, it was but another building on the long central road leading up to the Royal Palace. Inside, it was bustling with officers and guards, and any citizen with a dilemma that needed to be solved. At the STPD, it was like any other day. It seemed that everyone was content with that.
Inside the Department, down a series of brightly lit hallways, increasingly empty as they passed, there was a door. It looked much like the other doors around it, the only exception being the name on the front of it. Two words, engraved in gold, entwined beautifully together to make a name, like the embracing hands of lovers.
Behind the door with the beautiful name, in a dark, dimly lit room, there were two desks facing away from each other. One, barren aside from the essentials, desktop computer, paper and pens. The other, overflowing with papers and files, strewn about in disorderly fashion. The desk was d
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Carol's Really Gay Story (feat. War Lilac)
WARNING: This story contains foul language, sex jokes, several varieties of distasteful humor, toxic relationships, heterosexuals, interdimensional travel, really sharp knives, and other things that will probably offend somebody. Also it’s just generally the worst thing ever. Reader discretion is advised.
Somewhere at some point on Avalice probably, Team Lilac (which included Torque and Spade don't question it) was sitting around in the treehouse being bored. Lilac was reading a book, Torque and Spade were channel surfing, and Milla was spinning around in a swivel chair. Well, not everybody was sitting around, actually. Carol was doing something completely different.
"I'M GAY!!" Carol exclaimed, stomping through the treehouse loudly. "I'M SO FREAKING GAY! YOU'VE NEVER MET A PERSON GAYER THAN CAROL THE WILDCAT!!"
She marched into the living room, shouting, "I FEEL THE NEED TO PROPERLY EXPRESS JUST HOW EXTREMELY GAY I AM!" Leaping in front of Lilac's chair, she spat, "LILAC!
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Memories of a Freedom Lost - Chapter 5: Try
“Alright, you three.”
Too soon after Milla returned did Doctor Quack enter as well, and what he had to say wasn’t something that any of them wanted to hear.
“It’s time to turn in for the night.”
Milla’s expression faltered in disappointment, if not surprise. Fixing her backpack straps, she gave Lilac an apologetic look, before turning back to the door. Lilac looked on with a frown, which only became deeper when Carol stood up out of her chair. Lilac’s gaze followed the two as they began to leave. Her brow furrowed, something beginning to rise in her chest. Then, she allowed that something to spill from her mouth.
Carol and Milla immediately froze in place and turned back to her. Lilac’s cheeks became slightly pink, and her fingers searched the bedsheets anxiously. She looked to the doctor, mouth hanging open for a moment before she spoke.
“Uhhh, um…  'S it okay, if… if they stay here?
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Happy Birthday, Dawn M. Bennett!! 2017 by mpuppy4 Happy Birthday, Dawn M. Bennett!! 2017 :iconmpuppy4:mpuppy4 31 2 LILAC IS ALREADY DEAD by mpuppy4 LILAC IS ALREADY DEAD :iconmpuppy4:mpuppy4 10 3
FreedomSwap Remix - 0. Prologue
The night was deep in the city of Shuigang. Vast waters rippled peacefully and stars twinkled overhead. All was calm and quiet. Against the landscape of greens and blues stood a large, powerful, sturdy structure: the Kingdom's Royal Palace. It overlooked the city as a symbol of strength and protection, a reminder to the citizens that all was well. For a time, all was peaceful.
That was, until the peace was broken.
From within the palace walls, the earth began to shake. Soldiers standing guard looked around curiously, and, as the tremors grew stronger, began to panic. Soon the ground had given way beneath them, crumbled stone structure falling away into inky abyss, taking the soldiers with it.
Those who remained looked on in horror as a monstrous, golden metal paw lifted itself from the chasm and gripped the floor with ferocious claws the size of a dozen men. As it pulled the rest of its enormous, feline body into view, the air was filled with sickening laughter that echoed up and down
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Carolac Stamp 2 by mpuppy4 Carolac Stamp 2 :iconmpuppy4:mpuppy4 6 10 Sonlac Stamp by mpuppy4 Sonlac Stamp :iconmpuppy4:mpuppy4 18 42 Milla x Mr. Stumpy Stamp by mpuppy4 Milla x Mr. Stumpy Stamp :iconmpuppy4:mpuppy4 7 3 Neerong Stamp by mpuppy4 Neerong Stamp :iconmpuppy4:mpuppy4 3 3 Memories of a Freedom Lost Logo by mpuppy4 Memories of a Freedom Lost Logo :iconmpuppy4:mpuppy4 2 0 FreedomSwap Remix Logo by mpuppy4 FreedomSwap Remix Logo :iconmpuppy4:mpuppy4 2 7 Torade Stamp by mpuppy4 Torade Stamp :iconmpuppy4:mpuppy4 2 28 Neerail Stamp by mpuppy4 Neerail Stamp :iconmpuppy4:mpuppy4 9 9 Neeralac Stamp by mpuppy4 Neeralac Stamp :iconmpuppy4:mpuppy4 4 12
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:star: MEMORIES OF A FREEDOM LOST: When Lilac loses her memories in an unfortunate accident, Carol and Milla are left to pick up the pieces...

:bulletblue: FREEDOMSWAP REMIX: Carol the Wildcat and her best friend Lilac are out and about in Dragon Valley one morning when the wing of a certain spacecraft flies down and crushes Carol's bike... Uh-oh.


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Final First Impressions of Steven Universe

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 19, 2018, 7:25 PM
So I just binge-watched the entirety of Steven Universe for the first time over the course of a singular week, that's probably something worth talking about.

Steven Universe is something that I've been meaning to watch for... years... But I never really had a good way to do so. Then suddenly Hulu is on our television and SU is the first thing I spring for.

And boy if it wasn't a FREAKING RIDE. I mean, the show is a lot of fun, but some of the writing is just really bad. But that's never stopped me from enjoying things before, especially things with interesting magical concepts and shippable characters.

And of course I have opinions on it. Opinions that are only barely formulated since I only just watched the show and I watched it all in one go, BUT OPINIONS NONE THE LESS. And in case anybody cares enough to hear that, HERE YOU GO:

Favorite Characters:

5. Sapphire: Shipping aside, it was her revelation at the end of Keystone Motel that really made me love her. Everything she says right there is exactly why I like her, she's just such an interesting personality under her cold exterior.

4. Lapis Lazuli: "Wow Lapis is such a terrible character you just like her bc she's pretty and tragic and str0ng" Well... yeah

3. Garnet: She was the one that I liked the most at the beginning. Her dry wit strikes me harder than Pearl and Amethyst's oversized personalities, and I love her relationship with Steven, and she's such a freaking boss, she's great. I also love how scary she can be when she's angry.

2. Ruby: I just love how expressive she is honestly, whether she's peppy or angry every moment she's on screen is a blessing.

1. Peridot: She's just such an adorable dorky child, every line out of her mouth is amazing and I love her. It's kind of funny to look back on the episodes where she was a semi-intimidating antagonist, she's practically a completely different character now. Oh and also she's the only character in this show with solid well-written character development.


5. Lars/Sadie: Hellooooo only two Beach City side-humans I care about. Their relationship is probably the reason that I care about them. Actually I care about Sadie anyway, it's because of their relationship that I care about Lars.

4. Pearl/Amethyst: I like.. their dynamic.

3. Steven/Connie: Steven having a crush on Connie at first was cute, but it's even better that they've legitimately grown an awesome and adorable friendship with minimal romantic tension. That gives their relationship more room to grow over time.

2. Lapis/Peridot: These two.... are so good. Peridot is an adorable little goof and she absolutely brings out the best in grumpy ol Lapis, they make each other happy and they make me happy. And they're literally a married couple retired to the country with their pumpkin child oh my god—

1. Ruby/Sapphire: These two... Are just the most precious freaking adorable badasses ever to be in love. I love them. And they love each other.

Favorite Episodes:

10. Mirror Gem: I FREAKED OUT SO HARD WHEN LAPIS SHOWED UP AT THE END, this was the first episode that legitimately grabbed my attention and ran with it.

9. Mr. Greg: I freaking love that this one is a musical, and every song in it is great. The first half is a lot of fun, and I was just really happy to see Pearl and Greg's dynamic explored.

8. Alone Together: Steven and Connie and adorable, and by extension Stevonnie is adorable, and so is Happy Garnet, and this was the first episode that I had to rewatch because I liked it so much.

7. Jail Break: Rupphire? And Garnet vs. Jasper?? And Stronger Than You??? And the Malachite plot twist at the end???? Ye. Seriously even coming into the show already knowing that Garnet was Ruby and Sapphire, this still hit me hard.

6. That Will Be All: Honestly the Zoo Arc in its entirety was a freaking ride but between Yellow Diamond singing, Famethyst, Rupphire, and Holly Blue Agate getting her just desserts, this one takes the cake.

5. Too Short To Ride: Peridot is adorable, and freaking, her friendship with Steven and Amethyst is so precious?? Like Amethyst is just the best Amethyst in this episode, good. AND CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT + POWER DISCOVERY?? Yes.

4. Hit the Diamond: Literally everything in this episode makes me grin like an idiot

3. Last One Out of Beach City: Honestly this is just Pearl at her best in this episode, it's so much fun and the ending had me in stitches so that's where that meme came from—

2. Log Date 7 15 2: I'm sorry did you say eleven minutes of Peridot Peridotting and relationship exploration between her and Garnet?? Sign me the frick up

The Answer: Maybe I'm biased but I've rewatched this one like fifteen times.

Favorite Songs (Excluding the Opening and Ending):

10. What's the Use of Feeling (Blue): 
YELLOW DIAMOND SINGING??? Was definitely not something I was expecting. AND I AM OKAY WITH IT. I love how much this shows us into Yellow and Blue's characters.

9. Haven't You Noticed (I'm A Star): Mock catchy pop song is legitimately a catchy pop song. Also I like Sadie's voice.

8. It's Over Isn't It: The chorus hit me pretty freaking hard the first time I heard it.

7. Be Wherever You Are:
I just really like singing this one.

6. I Think I Need a Little (Change): This one is also really fun to sing, and I also love how much Greg admires Rose, it's adorable.

5. Giant Woman: Why does this of all things keep getting stuck in my head

4. Something Entirely New: Listen... they cute

3. Here Comes a Thought: This one is so chill, I love listening to it and I love the chorus. I also absolutely adore the animation sequence that accompanies it. NOT JUST BECAUSE OF RUBY AND SAPPHIRE GOD—

2. Peace and Love on the Planet Earth: Peridot bias?? Maybe. Really liking singing it??? Definitely.

1. Stronger Than You: Fairly certain this needs no explanation.

Bad Things:

  • I can not believe how much nothing happens in this show
  • Amethyst is a terrible person and never really grows out of it much.
  • Pearl doesn't get any character development for THREE SEASONS.
  • Steven's constant whining and self-deprecation in the later seasons gets really annoying really fast.
  • Lapis is a poorly written mess and I can't blame some people for disliking her...
  • The "Malachite is an Abusive Relationship" thing isn't handled very well.
  • I just really don't care about any of the people in Beach City other than Lars and Sadie.
  • As much as I love Log Date 7 15 2, it's not really a serviceable Season Finale.
  • Historical Friction is terrible, it's way too obvious of a criticism callout. The problem with these characters isn't that they're flawed, it's that they never grow out of those flaws. Or worse, grow even more flaws.
  • The ending of Bismuth is terrible and I swear Bismuth had better be unbubbled and redeemed at some point.
  • Lars' character development in the most recent episodes is extremely rushed.
  • Hey guys?? You know you could have at least TRIED to sick Smoky Quartz and Sardonyx on Aquamarine and Topaz, right???
  • Among other times you could have solved all your problems by fusing
  • Also you literally could have very easily caught Peridot when she was getting away in Friend Ship if you had actually tried, I know at least two of you have ranged attacks
  • Garnet: "There is no such thing as love at first sight."
  • Ruby and Sapphire in The Answer: "HAHA PEBBLE U THOT"
And those are just the things that I noticed on my first time through. And... the several rewatches I did of a few episodes, but you know.

ANYWAY I LIKE THIS SHOW. It's not, like, fantastic or anything, but it's good. About what I was expecting really. And since it was about what I was expecting, I was able to enjoy it to its full capacity.

I mean let's be real here, I watched this show because of Ruby and Sapphire, and of course they're one of my favorite parts of it. But there's also so much other cool stuff here!! There's so many cool ideas with the Gems and how they function and their locations and technologies, and most of the characters are a lot of fun, even when they're not written very well. I JUST. Like it. I like this show, and I want more of it.


ok i have to go back to writing my freedom planet fanfiction now

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I feel the need to write a Steven Universe oneshot, which ship? 

2 deviants said Rupphire
2 deviants said Lapidot
2 deviants said Conniverse


Okay but really whether you're into SU or not, everybody should watch the Here Comes a Thought music video. It's just... so profound, it should be mandatory for every human being. 
I have nothing to say for Valentine's Day other than the fact that Rupphire and Lapidot are my new Big ShipsHit The Diamond killed me harder than Keystone Motel... and also I love Peridot
I can't believe Steven Universe has an entire episode criticising the concept of Mary Sue, wow Historical Friction
also the ending of Keystone Motel killed me
So I finally started watching Steven Universe. My favorite episode so far is Alone Together, it's the only one that drove me to watch it twice.


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But, if you had something specific in mind, I take commissions and art trades. :)
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